BBC iPlayer Going Global Next Year

Consider this a potentially huge win for Australian IPTV fans – the BBC has announced that they are going to make their BBC iPlayer IPTV portal available to people around the world from next year. That should excite some Top Gear and Doctor Who fans…

According to The Telegraph in the UK, the BBC is looking to open up their online catchup TV service to an international audience to raise funds after the British government decided to freeze the license fee.

As yet, there’s no fixed date, nor any word on whether the service will be ad funded or subscription based, but given the huge global audience for some of the BBC’s programs, either would be welcome. Especially with IP-capable gadgetry like the Boxee Box or IPTVs who could potentially offer the service direct to your television.

We’ll be watching this one closely, that’s for sure.

[The Telegraph via Lifehacker]