Motorola’s Atrix Android Phone: Twin CPU Cores, Laptop Dock!

It runs Android 2.2, with HTML5 support, and it’s AT&T’s first dual-core processor in an Android phone. They’re calling it the world’s most powerful smartphone. ORLY?

It also has 1GB RAM, a 1900mAh (that’s ginormous) battery, and it’s two times faster than competing web browsers. You can “view HD video”.

Also! There’s a Motorola Atrix Webtop Application, which docks your phone into a laptop, using it to power the entire laptop. This is like Palm’s Foleo idea, but, you know, maybe not crappy. Firefox browser inside, running on this device, using the desktop version.

In short, the Motorola HD Dock, the thing that hooks the Atrix to a laptop, is going to let you use your phone as a laptop, taking advantage of the keyboard and mouse on the laptop.