Onkyo’s New Audiophile-Grade Gear Goes Retro

Pulling design cues from products of old, Onkyo is applying a 1980s aesthetic to their high-end line of home theatre gear, which includes a power amp, preamp and CD player.

Outfitted with premium components, Onkyo’s latest line of audio gear features separate circuitry for digital and analogue signals, along with distortion reduction for higher frequencies.

The P-3000R preamplifier features a full range of analogue and digital inputs and outputs, including USB in, and AES/EBU digital connections. The M-5000R power amplifier is distinguishable by the power meters on front, along with a dynamic power rating of 450 watts. Meanwhile, the C-7000RCD player features by a crystal oscillator and can playback in analog-only or digital-only modes to reduce signal intereference. The disc mechanism on the player is built to be completely silent. All three will be available at select Onkyo dealers in January for $US1700, $US2500, and $US1500, respectively. [Onkyo]