Sharp, Creator Of The Largest LCD In The World, Staying Quiet At CES This Year

Remember way back in 2006, when Sharp beat its chest to claim the title of BIGGEST TV IN THE UNIVERSE? How things have changed! The best Sharp’s got this year is a 70-inch version of last year’s TV. Bar lowered.

Don’t get us wrong—70 inches is still gigantic. Probably gratuitously gigantic. But the AQUOS LC-70LE732U doesn’t have much to say for itself beyond its size. It’s LED backlit, which is nice, but uses edge lighting, which is on the lackluster size these days (especially compared to the rest of the CES competition). It’s not even 3D—which, really, might be sort of refreshing at this point. But once the “SEVENTY INCHES!” factor wears off, it’s just another LCD. Another big LCD.