Everything Apple (Might) Have Up Its Sleeve

Everything Apple (Might) Have Up Its Sleeve

Apple fans! Apple detractors too! Exciting new stuff is almost here. Keyboards around the world are clacking with anticipation over new MacBooks and iPads – but rather than scouring the internet wastes, check out everything you need to know below.

Apple Will Unveil iPad 2 On March 2

All Things D just reported that Apple will be holding their iPad 2 unveiling on March 2. No official invites have gone out yet, so think of this one as a strong rumour. Here’s an outline of what we think the next iPad is going to have. And even if you don’t believe ATD’s “confirmed” rumour, a bunch of signs are pointing at an event or announcement very soon. [AllThingsD]

A Basic Sketch of the Next iPad

Speaking of which, here’s our increasingly spot-on depiction of what Apple will likely flash around at the aforementioned RUMORED BIG EVENT: the iPad 2. Or whatever they’ll call it. [More »]

Does This Secret Apple Store Employee Meeting Mean iPad 2 Is Looming?

According to Apple Insider, Apple’s scheduled a meeting later this week with all of its retail employees, asking each of them to sign non-disclosure agreements in advance. That’s standard operating procedure when there’s a major product announcement ahead. So what’s on the horizon? [More »]

New MacBook Pro Rumors: Bigger Trackpad and a Dedicated SSD for OS X

BGR is hearing that the upcoming MacBook Pros will have a larger trackpad and use a dedicated 8 or 16 GB SSD to run OS X. Also, they’re supposed to be a half pound (0.2kg) lighter. [BGR]

Apple Slows Down MacBook Pro Sales Until After Rumoured Refresh

Adding further weight to the rumour that Apple’s about to release some new MacBook Pro models (with high-speed connection functionality?), they’ve now put all new orders on a 3-5 day wait. You can wait until Thursday, right? Because you’ll feel like a darned fool if you don’t. [9to5Mac]

Is This the Definitive Proof of Apple’s MacBook Pro Imminent Refresh?

As if you needed more reasons for waiting to buy a MacBook Pro, here comes Apple to give you the definitive argument: The Apple Store now shows a 3- to 5-day wait for all MacBook Pro models. [More »]

And with all of this in mind, let’s not forget that…

It’s a Dangerous Time to Buy Apple Products

It’s a weird time to buy an Apple product. By that I mean it’s a terrible time to buy an Apple product. At least, if you want to own the latest and most amazingest with the least amount of heartbreak. That’s the story for three of Apple’s biggest products: iPhone 4, iPad and now, the MacBook Pro. [More »]

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