HP’s WebOS Bounty: Touchpad Tablet, Veer And Pre 3 Smartphones

HP’s webOS devices are finally here: the Touchpad tablet, the Pre 3, and a teeny, Pixi-esque slider called the Veer.

Hands On: HP’s TouchPad Tablet Looks Great, But Moves Slow
Although the Touchpad I played with is not the final version, my impression of the HP TouchPad is that it is slow. Not incredibly slow. But compared to, say, the Motorola Xoom or an iPad, I noticed slight delays between my touch and the interface moving around. More.[imgclear]

Hands On: The HP Veer Is Probably Too Tiny To Use For Normal Humans
The HP Veer is what I imagine would happen if you gave children the right to vote on what to size things. It is tiny. The keyboard looks like a keyboard you would find on a toy smartphone – one that you might attach to your regular smartphone as a mobile phone charm. Surprisingly, I could still type relatively well on it, but I don’t have sausage fingers. More.[imgclear]

HP Touchpad Is Their 10-inch webOS Tablet
The TouchPad is 0.7kg, 13.7 mm thick, measures 9.7 inches (1024×768), a 1.3MP webcam, video calling and HP’s Beats branding. Specs are pretty similar to the iPad. More.[imgclear]

HP Pre 3 Goes Giant With a 3.6-inch Screen
Palm/HP is targeting the Pre 3 as a “business”-class phone, even though it’s got the same body shape as the previous Pres. It has their largest keyboard, a larger 3.6-inch 480×800 display, and a 5MP camera. More.[imgclear]

HP Veer Is a Tiny, Tiny Palm Phone With a Slideout Keyboard
The HP veer has the same body-shape as the Palm Pre and Pre 2, but is smaller-the size of a credit card. It’s got a 2.6-inch screen, Flash, 5MP camera and a slide-out keyboard. It’s HSPA+, which means it’s AT&T or T-Mobile. More.[imgclear]

There Are Tablets Better Than the iPad. They’re Just Not Out Yet
The HP TouchPad and Motorola Xoom are legitimate threats to the iPad. And if they were available now, I’d buy them over an iPad. Here’s why. More.

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