Looking At The Global iTunes Rip-Off

Looking at the price of things on iTunes, it’s interesting to note that the price hasn’t really changed since the service launched, despite the fact that the Australian dollar has been hovering around parity for months now. But on a relative scale, how much more do we pay compared to the rest of the world? Graham Spencer at MacStories has taken a closer look, and while we don’t have a great deal, other countries have it worse.

Using the average exchange rate for the month of January, the study found that Australia was paying the equivalent of a 69% mark up when buying a song (Grenade by Bruno Mars) and a 30% mark up when buying an app (Angry Birds).

While it’s hardly good news, it’s worth noting that we’re not suffering the most on a global scale – for music, Switzerland is paying the equivalent of a 78% markup and for apps, Japan is paying a 40% markup. But we come in a close second last on both fronts.

Graham does a great job of analysing the details of the disparity, but despite contacting Apple, can’t offer any solid reasons as to why we still have to pay more than the US for our iTunes content. It’s definitely worth hitting up MacStories for the full story…

[Macstories via Lifehacker]

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