Hela Throwing Disc: Frustratingly Fun Flinging

Hela is a “throwing disc,” that looks a lot like other “throwing discs” you’ve probably encountered. But the devil (and the delights!) are in the details.


The Hela is an airfoil throwing disc with amusing physical properties. And, conceptually, yeah, it’s a lot like a frisbee. But it’s super light, easy to hold, and meticulously shaped to a particular oblong bend that flattens out when thrown for stability and accuracy. This means you can’t just chuck it like a frisbee, or risk losing it forever in downtown New York (as I did). But! Once you’ve got the hang of it, it zips along with less effort than a typical disc. Less effort, that is, if you’re not a klutz like me. But even I was able to successfully sling it a few times after first picking it up – it’s just got a tricky learning curve to go along with the curve of its form. This, I think, is a rewarding thing – a new toy that’ll take some time to master, but has an edge over the traditional flying disc.


So, yeah, about that learning curve. To be fair, we tested out the Hela on the windy Gizmodo HQ roof, which was akin to tossing it around on the summit of K2. But having spent a childhood on planet earth, I’m familiar with the frisbee, and still had trouble just picking up and playing. Due to the Hela’s unique shape, it has to be thrown in a unique way. You’ll either find this a fun challenge (as noted above) or just a pain in the arse. If you’re looking for something to just casually toss around the park with a bunch of newbies, you might end up frustrated.


$US19 for one or $US40 for a triple pack at Hela