Vodafone Now Includes Tethering In Unlimited Plans

Vodafone’s Infinite plans were always pretty good value for talk and text, but when it came to data there was a big asterisk that said you couldn’t use the bundled data for tethering. After a bit of backlash, the Telco has decided to change its tune.

A Vodafone representative on Whirlpool has confirmed that the tethering charges for Infinite plans has been dumped as of this past Monday (March 28). Gus over at Lifehacker also managed to get confirmation that the T&Cs on the Infinite plans will be updated “soon”, and that anyone who got stuck with tethering charges prior to March 28 would simply have to wear them.

While it’s probably not enough to convince someone to opt for the Infinite plan over any other plan on its own, it’s good to see Voda has brought the premium plans into line with the majority of smartphone plans available.

[Whirlpool via Lifehacker]