How Much Less Would You Pay For This Ad-Supported Kindle?

Want to save a few bucks on a Kindle and enjoy being told what to buy? Well! Amazon’s set to unleash Kindle with Special Offers upon Best Buy and Target next month, a device that costs $US25 less than a Wi-Fi Kindle – but makes up for it by cramming in ads.

The new ebook reader will retail for $US114, and to be honest the ads don’t sound all that intrusive; they’ll be on the screen saver and on your home screen, but they won’t show up in your ebooks. There doesn’t appear to be a 3G Special Offers edition.

Think of it like this: are you the kind of person who downloads the “Lite” version of an app, or do you shell out a buck or two to stay ad-free? If you’re on a blogger’s salary, you kinda welcome any opportunity to be the former. Kindle with Special Offers will be available at the retailers mentioned above, as well as, starting May 3rd. [AP]

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