Abuse Your iPad With Rubber Drumsticks

 title=Playing with Garageband on the iPad 2 is one of the best examples of what strong software can mean for tablet devices. But using your fingers as virtual drumsticks is a pretty lame way to turn yourself into the next Tico Torres. Lucky for us, the Aussie designers behind the Wallee mounting bracket have come up with Pix and Stix – iPad compatible drumsticks and guitar picks.

Available in a pack of two miniaturised drumsticks and a single pick for $15, the Pix and Stix have electroconducive rubber tips that lets your iPad register contact without the need for skin on screen action. The tips are also designed to work without damaging your iPad’s screen, but even so I wouldn’t give them to my 20 month old son to test out any time soon.

At the moment, the product isn’t actually guaranteed to be available – the guys are running a Kickstarter-like funding round to see if there’s potential for the product to become a reality. If you order the product for $15 and not enough people come on board, you’ll receive a full refund after 30 days.

Still, it seems like a clever idea and a great way to take advantage of Garageband on the iPad for a minimum cost.


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