Behold, The World’s Worst PowerPoint Slide

It often seems like every PowerPoint slide is the worst, but here lies what projector company InFocus deems history’s most heinous. I’m inclined to agree. It’s almost brilliant in its horror. Diabolical. The arrows. The colours. This is Satan’s face.

Is a single part of this slide legible, or even comprehensible in some abstract sense? Was the audience given telescopes during the meeting? Do those boxes even say anything, or is this just some sort of psychological experiment? It’s also possible that this is the .ppt equivalent of Human Centipede – the product of some mad graphic designer, brain warped, talent perverted, whose sole pleasure is now inflicting misery on others with his genius.

I also fancy this one, which is less a presentation and just a whole fucking bunch of hideous words thrown against a screen. Not just words – 3D words. This might literally be the ugliest thing to have ever existed – at least the one up top could be mistaken for a work of art if viewed from afar.

But this. Just… words. Just stupid, stupid buzzwords, rendered as tackily and horrendously as possible. This is the Trail of Tears of Typography.


Yes, this slide makes me want to challenge the status quo by burning down whatever building the presentation was given in. It would only be ethical.

Moral of the story: never use PowerPoint, unless you hate all human beings. [InFocus via Brainiac]

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