Win! One Of Three Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphones!

 title=The dual-core smartphone revolution is upon us, and it’s going to blow your freakin’ mind. Faster, thinner, sexier handsets are now starting to hit Australian shores, promising us the future of computing from the comfort of our mobile. Leading the way is the Samsung Galaxy S II, the AMOLED-toting, Gorilla Glass-slinging, 8MP-shooting superphone. To celebrate its launch, Samsung are offering three lucky Gizmodo readers the chance to win the shiny new handset.

But what trials will you need to go through to replace your crappy old [insert mobile here]with the shiny new Galaxy S II and all its Gingerbread Android wonders? The good news is that we’re only going to give them to the most deserving Gizmodians.

To enter the competition, we need you to show us why you need a Samsung Galaxy S II, the phone Samsung are calling “the smartest of smartphones”.

In the comments section below, tell us, in 50 words or less, why you need to win the Galaxy S II. In addition, you need to show us by including a link to a photo or video illustrating your need. There are three phones to win, and the most original and entertaining entries will each receive a shiny new mobile.

The competition runs until Sunday night, so you’ll need to work hard to show us your desperation. Good luck!