Lego Star Wars Sandwalker Took Nine Months To Build

This Lego replica of a Star Wars Sandwalker ranks right up there with some of the best Lego creations we have seen.

Marshal Banana took nine months and 10,000 bricks to craft this MOC. It’s a metre long, weighs 20kg and is automated inside and out. You can drive the vehicle, move the crane, raise or lower the ramp and rotate the conveyor band using remote control.

The controls are impressive, but the inside is where it all happens. The Sandwalker has three interior floors decked out with LED lights, machinery and minifigs. Even the cockpit has a removable top so you can peer inside this part of the Lego machine. Even those ambivalent towards Legos cant help but be impressed. [Marshal Banana via The Brothers Brick and Dvice]