Turns Out Telstra May Not Like Channel Nine’s New iPad App

 title=Remember last week when we got all excited by the potential of Channel Nine’s new iPad app, Nine Extra, and it’s ability to provide detailed analysis and extra content during live sporting matches? Well, it seems Telstra may not be too happy with the app, given they hold the licensing for mobile and online broadcast of NRL matches.

According to James Chessel at The Australian, Telstra has approached Channel Nine about the app, raising its concerns. Although at the moment, it doesn’t seem to have escalated beyond a friendly conversation.

Given the extra value an app like Nine Extra can add to a broadcast, it will be disappointing to see it stifled by legal mumbo jumbo, but at the same time, Telstra paid a large chunk of cash for those online broadcasting rights. While everything’s still being discussed fairly openly at the moment, this could set a precedent for how companion tablet apps are used and made in Australia for the future. It’s going to be Interesting to watch.

[The Australian]

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