The NBN Has Been Hacked By ‘Evil’! Err, No.

By now, you’ve likely heard of the 25 year old truck driver arrested by Federal cops for allegedly hacking into Platform Networks, an ISP which has signed on for (but not yet begun) NBN trials. “The NBN has been breached!” cried the TV news, and today the frustrated NBN Co boss slammed the reports: “The incident yesterday related to a commercial customer of NBN Co that has not yet connected services over the NBN.” For real! And Gizmodo was on Sunrise to explain just that. Video!

I want to be very clear if I can with you listeners; the NBN was not hacked. It has not been compromised. It hasn’t been placed at risks and our security hasn’t been breached. So each one of these headlines is wrong.

NBN Co CEO, Mike Quigley, went on to name names… specifically singling out reports on Sky News, the ABC, Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, and the Australian as “provocative” and ill-informed. [Full interview at ABC]