Desired: Geeky Multi-Tool Clips To Your Belt Loop

Desired: Geeky Multi-Tool Clips To Your Belt Loop

I love my Leatherman, but it’s completely useless if right when I need a tool I don’t know where the heck I put it down five minutes before. The Guppie is always right by your side when you need it.

When the Guppie came out last year, we were psyched that you could potentially kill a dinosaur with it. Going into a long-weekend where I’m planning on getting a lot of neglected housework done, I’m psyched about the Guppie because it’s frickin’ useful.

The Guppie is basically a streamlined, stainless steel multi-tool combined with a carabiner. Need to open a bottle? There’s the Guppie, hanging from your belt loop. Need to do something besides drinking? The Guppie packs a 2-inch blade, an adjustable wrench, a high-intensity LED light, and a hex driver with storage space for four bits into a 4 ounce package that’s very flat.

The Guppie’s not for every task, but it’s a smart little tool for $US40. [CRKT]

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