Sony’s Big Day: New Android Tablets, Xperia Phone And Crazy 3D TV Headset

Holy crap, Sony came out with a bunch of new products overnight! We won’t know Aussie pricing and availability until later today, but here’s your complete look at all Sony’s new gear, including tablets, a sleek Android Walkman and the Sony Reader Wi-Fi.

Hands On: Sony’s HMZ-T1 Is an Amazing OLED 3DTV That You Wear On Your Head

Sony’s new 720p OLED 3DTV with 5.1 virtual surround has a 150-inch screen-equivalent and costs $US800. But it weighs less 500g. That’s because it’s worn on your face. Sony wouldn’t say if or when the HMZ-T1 might come to Australia. More »

Sony Tablet S Review: It’s Good To See You Again, Sony

Shaped like a folded over magazine, Sony’s Tablet S is maybe the weirdest looking tablet we’ve ever seen. But it’s also the most comfortable. Available in September starting at $579. More »

Sony Tablet P First Impressions: Is The Taco Tablet Tasty?

I really love Sony for trying something different. Between this foldable Tablet P and the company’s indescribably-shaped (but very palmable) Tablet S they are genuinely trying to leave the hardware pack mentality behind. The bad news: Sony Australia says we won’t see the P locally until next year. More »

Sony’s SA-NS 500 AirPlay Speaker: Room-Filling Sound from a Lampshade

Sony’s new AirPlay-ready, lampshade-looking SA-NS 500 portable speaker looks like it’s going to be pretty good. The SA-NS 500 has a four speaker array, a mid-range subwoofer, and gets 5-6 hours of battery life. More »

Has the Sony Reader Wi-Fi Actually Got a Shot?

Sony may have been one of the first major electronics manufacturer to bring us ebook readers, but a series of unfortunate products saw them cede the race to Kindle and Nook. More »

Sony Ericsson Reboots Xperia with Arc S, a Phone That Miiiiiiight Actually Matter

Sony is going full-tilt today, dropping more toys than a drunken toddler covered in Crisco. They’re giving the Xpreria Arc-their hallmark smartphone-an S as the end of its name, and beefing it up. More »

Sony’s Android Walkman Is Really for Music Nerds

A Walkman’s not just for music anymore. The forthcoming Sony Android Walkman will give people access to apps-finally!-but true to the Walkman’s legacy Sony’s built the new version around it’s music features. More »

Sony’s 3D Binoculars Shoot High-Def 3D Video, 7.1MP Photos

Well, maybe crims can afford to whack $2000 down on a pair of digital binoculars this November, if they know the pay-offs going to be good. The Dev-3 and Dev-5 models shoot 7.1-megapixel photos and 3D video. More »

Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi Just Merged Their Small Screens, and Why That’s Great

Early this morning, Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi came out hand in hand to declare that they were merging their small screen divisions into one liquid crystal behemoth. More »

The Cheapest NBN 50 Plans

It’s the most popular NBN speed in Australia for a reason. Here are the cheapest plans available.

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