This Is The First Mobile Building In The World

This three-storey 864sqm apartment building weighs 200 tonnes and is 12m high. It also moves. In fact, it’s the first building in the world that can be moved anywhere. It’s also earthquake-resistant.

The owners have installed it in Turku, on the southeast coast of Finland, using a crane. There it would be rented for some time. When the renting period finishes, the owners plan to move it to a new location on the coast. Apparently, the building is so large that it can be transported through road.

It has been built using special, patented steel panels that give the structure the same sturdiness of a cement building at a fraction of the weigh. In fact, using traditional materials, it would weigh five times as much as the current building. [Neapo via uudenkaupunginsanomat and Clarin]