Microsoft’s PocketTouch Encourages You To Touch Yourself

Ever wanted to use your smartphone while it’s still in your pocket? Forget shouting at it through a microphone; soon you’ll be able to do it all by touch.

Microsoft’s latest innovation is called PocketTouch. A sensor on the back of the phone detects touch input — even multitouch input — through fabric, allowing you to access music, change settings and even send messages. You can’t see a keyboard, so you’ll have to learn gestures to perform functions; this gives me a very distinct old-school Palm Graffiti vibe.

The technology’s still in its infancy, which is why it’s so astonishingly large at this point, although as the video notes, there’s a capability to perhaps implement this on existing smartphone front screens.

It’s got to be said, though; if this takes off, it’s going to look awfully socially awkward to be rubbing with yourself “down there” while replying to an email. [Geekwire via The Next Web]