Which Aussie ISP Is Most BitTorrent Friendly?

Which Aussie ISP Is Most BitTorrent Friendly?

New research shows which ISPs are the worst offenders when it comes to reducing BitTorrent speeds. The best ISP if you’re piracy-minded? The answer may surprise you.

Delimiter reports on the research undertaken by Measurement Labs which looked at the use of throttling measures for BitTorrent and other file sharing utilities between 2008 and 2010. The research was worldwide; while Australian ISPs weren’t the worst offenders, the list of who’s ranked where makes for interesting reading.

Coming it at #1 in terms of worst performance was AAPT with 17.7 per cent of tests having some form of throttling. AAPT’s now a division of iiNet, which itself came in at #3 with 12.8 per cent, ahead of Optus at 15.2 per cent. Primus and Internode fill out the top five with 8.8 per cent and 7.4 per cent respectively.

In terms of the big players, the winning ISP if you are a fan of torrenting? It’s Telstra, with a recorded 6.6 per cent tests reporting throttling. That’s particularly fascinating in light of the number of television and movie content deals Telstra has struck in recent years. [Delimiter]
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