7 Tools That’ll Help You Master Your Movember Moustache

We’ve officially reached the halfway mark, and whether you’ve embraced Movember for charitable, novelty or stylish reasons, you’ve probably got yourself a respectable soup strainer by now. But there’s still half a month to go, so here are seven tools that will help you put as much moustache into Movember as possible.

Carzor-Card Shaped Razor and Mirror

Just because you’re not keeping your upper lip shaved clean doesn’t mean you don’t have to maintain it. There’s nothing worse than a runaway moustache, so be prepared for any manscaping emergency with this wallet friendly Carzor razor and mirror kit.

It packs flat as a couple of credit cards, so it’s easy to keep on your person. And it includes a set of extra blades and a compact mirror, so you can touch up and keep your ‘stache looking neat and trim whether you’re sitting in your car, working at your desk or freshening up in the bathroom. $US17. [imgclear]

Reflect Non-Fogging Shower Mirror

You can’t shave what you can’t see, so to prevent this shower mirror from fogging up, it doubles as a showerhead.

Once installed, the hot water flowing behind the mirror heats its surface, preventing moisture from condensing into tiny water droplets, which is the source of that fog that makes shaving blindly so dangerous. It might be mounted a little high for everyone’s shaving convenience, but those who enjoy a nuclear shower in the morning will be happy to hear the hotter it is, the better it works. $US295. [imgclear]


The rules behind Movember are still a bit of a rough guideline at this point, and if you’d prefer your moustache to wrap all the way around your mouth as a goatee, you’ll appreciate this easy way to keep it looking evenly trimmed.

Held in place like a mouthguard, the Goateesaver features adjustable guides allowing you to shape it to the preferred lines for your facial hair. And while it’s best suited to keeping a goatee properly shaped, it looks like it would work just as well if you’ve decided to go mustache-only for the month. $US20. [imgclear]

Humunga Stache Dog Toy

Who says that Movember is only for humans? Many breeds of dog are perfect for Movember, including sheep dogs, who are born with an amazing moustache that would put most of our month-long efforts to shame.

But if your pooch is coming up a little short in the ‘stache department, and you’re worried he’s feeling left out, this novel rubber toy will him them a proud member of the Movember movement. While the dog bites down on the rubber ball, the large black mustache hangs just below his nose, making him look like a silent movie film villain — and making you even prouder to have them by your side. $US10. [imgclear]


Eleven months out of the year, having one of these on the front of your vehicle is grounds to have your licence revoked. But during Movember, dare I say these carstaches look apropos.

Made from weather resistant materials, they’re available in a variety of colours and patterns and easily attach to the grill of your car with an included set of rubber coated wires. But remember, just like you have to properly maintain a real moustache, keeping it free of food and crumbs, you’ll want to do the same with a Carstache. There’s nothing more embarrassing than driving around with bugs and other schmutz on your grillstache. $US40.

Power Shave Collection

When it comes to actual shaving, there are two distinct camps: manual razors and electric. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and both have premium high-end options that can make the shaving experience slightly more tolerable.

On the manual side of things there’s the Power Shave Collection. It comes with the Power Razor which uses a spotlight to highlight every missed whisker, and micro pulse vibrations to make it easier for the blades to clearcut your face forest. The collection also comes with a badger hair shaving brush (regular or fine), which uses powered oscillations for an enhanced lathering experience. It could all just be clever marketing talk, but if it has even the slightest potential of reducing knicks and cuts, I’d say it’s worth an expensive shot. $USS400-$US450. [imgclear]

Panasonic LAMBASH Five Blade Shaver

On the electric side Panasonic looks like they’re leading the charge when it comes to innovation in powered razors. They offer models with three and four blades for a close shave, but it’s this five blade LAMBASH razor that I’m lusting over.

I’m led to believe that the Japanese take their shaving a lot more seriously than the rest of the world, because for some reason this five blade electric razor is only available in Japan at the moment. With 14,000 RPMs, automatic cleaning and charging, a battery good for 14 shaves and 30-degree forged inner blades, it looks like it would make shaving easier than washing your face. Thankfully you can get your hands on one through online stores happy to export them outside Japan. But be careful, I’m assuming with this much shaving technology exporting them has to breaking multiple international embargos. $US494.

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