Battlemodo: Giz Tests Three Portable Speakers

There are loads of portable speakers out there, each with their own little quirks, but we just happen to have three lying around in the office lookin’ like they need a bit of lovin’. So we’ve rounded them up to see how they compare with each other. You might be surprised to see which one comes out on top.

As you’ll see (hear!) in the video, price is not necessarily an indicator of audio quality. The $49.95 Rock-It 2.0 was the most underwhelming, while the $34.95 Volcano came out as the winner for both best audio and value for money over the $99.95 WOWee One.

The speakers tested were:

Volcano by OrigAudio [Pagnian Imports]
Rock-It 2.0 by OrigAudio [Pagnian Imports]
WOWee One