Bestmodo: Six Toolkits For Cultured Types

Gizmodo’s toolkit column highlights the latest (and strangest) gadgets on a particular theme. Today we serve up a classy best of collection: tools to help hit the casino and horse races, trim your movember moustache, play golf, write that novel and survive your summer holiday.

7 Tools That’ll Help You Master Your Movember Moustache

We’ve officially reached the halfway mark, and whether you’ve embraced Movember for charitable, novelty or stylish reasons, you’ve probably got yourself a respectable soup strainer by now. But there’s still half a month to go, so here are seven tools that will help you put as much moustache into Movember as possible. View »

Great Golf Gadgets (And Apps) To Lift Your Game

There’s a lot of equipment behind stars like Tiger Woods playing at the Australian Open this weekend. But this is about your time on the fairways. So here’s some great gear to help slice strokes off your score. View »

7 Casino Technologies They Don’t Want You To Know About

Movies make casino cheaters seem like modern-day Robin Hoods, but don’t be fooled. Regulatory agencies toss around jail sentences faster than mob goons used to break knees. But casinos can’t prosecute what they can’t catch; everything starts with detection. View »

Spring Carnival Tech For A Great Day At The Races

Ahh the ponies. Ladies with fascinating fascinators, blokes in their Sunday courtroom best, and a whole bunch of money spent on flutters and drinks. Here are eight tools to maximise your day, from the best apps to high-tech binoculars. View »

Six Tools To Help You Through National Novel Writing Month

November is NaNoWriMo, say whaaaaaaaaa? For the acronym-challenged, it’s National Novel Writing Month, which means that anyone who decides to partake has 30 days to crank out their literary masterpiece. Think you’re up for the challenge? Here are six tools to help. View »

7 Tools Survive Your Beach Holiday Unscathed

Summer is on its way, and that beach trip you’ve been wanting to organise isn’t going to plan itself. Bringing any or all of these seven tools will ensure that metaphorical sand won’t get you where it hurts most. View »

The Cheapest NBN 50 Plans

It’s the most popular NBN speed in Australia for a reason. Here are the cheapest plans available.

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