Can Lasers Turn Your Eyes Blue?

There is something about blue eyes that can pierce another person’s soul while also acting as a revealing window into your own. Eyes that are brown? Not so much. What if you wanted blue eyes, though? colour contacts? Meh. Try this new laser surgery that’ll permanently transform your eyes blue.

Brown to blue, permanently. That’s what Dr. Gregg Homer from Stroma Medical in California says he can do. His Lumineyes procedure uses a laser tuned to a specific frequency to blast the brown out of eyes into blue. The process only takes 20 seconds too and it literally removes the melanin–the brown–from a person’s eyes, which in turn reveals a blue colour in two to three weeks. Of course the blue isn’t real. Natural blue eyes have lower melanin in the front of the iris, and so the blue colour in blue eyes is for the same reason why the sky is blue.

Dr. Homer says he still needs about $US800,000 to complete clinical trials. If all goes to plan, the procedure will be available in 18 months outside the US and 3 years inside the US. The process is expected to cost around $US4,800. I can imagine many wannabe starlets getting this done right after a boob job. [Daily Mail]

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