Glass Keyboard And Mouse Shrug Off Crumbs And Spills

Using the same technology as biometric systems that capture fingerprints, Jason Giddings has created a drool-worthy glass keyboard and mouse with multitouch functionality. But he’s turned to Kickstarter to fund the prototypes and software needed to make it all work.

The technology is known as FTIR, or Frustrated Total Internal Reflection, and it uses a series of LEDs at the bottom edge of each device to bounce invisible infrared light inside the thick panels of glass. But when a finger makes contact with the glass, it frustrates the internal reflection redirecting the IR light downwards where it’s captured by a simple camera. The images from the camera are then processed to determine where the finger or fingers have made contact, and whether they’re in motion, performing a gesture.

Because the system is a combination of existing tried and true technologies, it will mostly require software development to become a reality. So Jason’s Kickstarter project is currently seeking $US50,000 in funding with some 33 days left to go at the time of writing. But if you’d like to support his efforts and secure a keyboard and mouse combo for yourself, you’ll have to pledge at least a hefty $US350. So if they ever make it into production, hopefully Jason will use some of that $US50,000 for marketing studies that result in a more reasonable price point. [Kickstarter via Fancy]

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