Philippe Starck Crammed An Entire Kitchen Into These Towers

Living in a tiny apartment is no longer an excuse for living off of ramen noodles. Philippe Starck has created a complete kitchen that exists inside a set of rotating towers, complemented by a sink and range equipped dining table.

Available from German manufacturer Warendorf, each tower occupies just under eleven square feet of space and are separated into a hot tower which houses an oven and microwave, and a cold tower where you’ll find a fridge and freezer. For dealing with dishes and prepping food a separate island features a generously sized sink at one end, as well as a glass cooktop and a table where a group of people can comfortably dine.

Storage space is hidden throughout the towers and the island, and the collection can be customised to your particular cooking needs. While it looks like a practical solution for struggling students and starving artists who live in cramped apartments, I’m fairly certain the collection is going to come with a price tag well above what its ideal target market can afford. So maybe this idea is another affordable IKEA hack waiting to happen? [Warendorf via Freshome]