Samsung To Launch Google TV?

Google TV had an immense amount of promise when it first launched — in the US, that is; we’ve never seen Google TV as a product here in Australia, and given its dismal sales figures, it’s likely we’ll never see the first run of Google products. The latest company that’s just about to sign on the Google dotted line? Samsung.

That’s according to Reuters, who report on comments from Yoon Boo-keun, president of Samsung’s TV division. He’s stated as saying that Samsung’s planning to unveil its own Google TVs at some unspecified point next year. Samsung did show off some Google TV products at the 2011 CES, but never turned those prototypes into sale products.

It’s an interesting move from Samsung, given that it’s already got a large investment in its own Smart TV platform, and Google TV is effectively a competing Smart TV platform. Given the vague timeline, and the fact that Google TV’s barely made a dent in the US market, let alone launching here, I wouldn’t be holding my breath waiting for a local release. [Reuters]