LG Fantasy Info Leaks: Mango, 4-Inch IPS Display

We actually first got wind of the Fantasy back in July, but here’s our best glimpse yet at the still-unannounced phone, courtesy of an XDA forum member.

The poster claims he bought the device from a Romanian developer, and that it’s scheduled to arrive in Q1 next year. The specs he lists include a 2nd-generation 1GHz processor, 8Mp rear-camera (1.3Mp front-facing) and 8GB internal storage. It’s also said to be faster than the HTC Radar. But will it have NFC — said to be supported by WP7. And how will it shape up against Nokia’s Lumia 800, 900, and whatever else it has planned?

Either way, 2012 is shaping up as a much better year than 2011 for Windows Phone fans.
[XDA Developers via WMPowerUser and Pocket-Lint]

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