Quad Lock Case Kickstarting Secure Mounting For Your iPhone

If you’re looking for a completely secure mounting solution for your iPhone, you may want to get behind this Aussie Kickstarter campaign. The Quad Lock Case, developed by the Aussie entrepreneurs behind the Opena case we saw a few months back, looks to offer an innovative way to connect your iPhone to just about anything.

Consisting of two key parts – the case and the quad lock – the idea was born out of frustration with having to own multiple docks depending on how they used their phone. As designer of the case, Chris Peters explains in the press release:

“Sure there’s car mounts, wall mounts, bike mounts and many more, but most require you to remove your phone from your everyday case and insert your iPhone into another cradle system only to have to remove it from the cradle and replace your case when you’re done. The alternatives are the hold-anything style cradles that fit everything but fit nothing well.”

The Quad lock itself comes in two flavours – the first is the Quad Lock ST Flat Mount, a fairly basic unit which is attached to your car or desk (or anywhere else) either via the self-adhesive tape, or a single fixing screw.

The second is the Quad Lock Pro Bar Mount, which is specifically designed for cyclists and bike riders, or other use that needs a more permanent fixing. It comes with zip ties and O rings and will attach to anything tubular in shape, offering a super-secure attachment for your iPhone.

Like with the Opena, Peters and his business partner Rob Ward have turned to Kickstarter to finance their product. With 34 days to go, the pair have $7,746 of the required $20,000 pledged from 121 different backers.