Superman’s Debut "Steels" Title Of World’s Most Expensive Comic

The first issue of Action Comics sold for 10 US cents in 1938 and featured a brand new hero: Superman. Fast forward 73 years and that same comic leaps to over $US2 million dollars in a single bound.

That’s right, the Man of Steel’s debut issue just fetched a whopping $US2.16 million dollars on an online auction at New York-based ComicConnect. The buyer’s and seller’s identities were not disclosed though there is speculation the comic that changed hands may have been the copy stolen from actor Nick Cage back in 2000. Only about 100 copies of the issue are thought to remain in the world and only a smattering of those are in good condition.

Fun fact: Nick Cage’s son is named Kal-El. Odd yes, but still better than Blanket Jackson or Moonunit Zappa. [BBC Image: AP]