Vivitek Qumi: Bright, Versatile And 3D-Ready

Qumi is one of the brightest pico projectors yet, with a 300 lumens LED estimated to last up to 30,000 hours. That’s eight hours a day, every day for the next 10 years! Its 720p resolution and DLP technology produce a vibrant image as large as 90 inches — ideal for presentations at work, or movies and games at home.

Your Lifestyle

With a projector this small and powerful, the idea of carrying one around with you suddenly makes a lot more sense.

Connect your laptop, game console, iPad or iPhone. Playback movies, music and photos directly from a digital camera, USB stick, portable hard disk or microSD card — even Microsoft Office documents can be viewed without the need for a computer.

Qumi has rubber feet for table top projection, in addition to an underside slot for mini tripods. You’re also able to flip the image to project from in front of, or behind a projection screen.


Qumi Technology

Inside, Qumi uses DLP’s Pico HD chipset. Compared to previous DLP chips, Pico HD projects images with more brightness and greater energy efficiency. And as touched upon, Vivitek is pleased to have coupled this with high-definition 720p Resolution BrilliantColor. This not only improves colour accuracy but brightens secondary colours for accurate, true-to-life images.

Forward Thinking 3D

Qumi is the first pico pocket projector to be 3D-ready. Using DLP Link, it seamlessly shares data with active stereoscopic shutter glasses.

Just hook up a PC/laptop with a quad-buffered OpenGL graphics card (running Windows XP/7), and adjust the resolution to XGA or SVGA at 120Hz. Then grab your glasses and fire up your 3D-enabled game.

With Qumi, you get what you expect from a normal-sized projector, plus a whole lot more.

Available from for $529; in white or black finish.