Vodafone Galaxy S II Having Some GPS Issues?

Vodafone just can’t seem to catch a break. If it’s not an ongoing campaign against the quality of their network, it’s the fact that the GPS functionality seems to be playing up on one of the best Android phones on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S II.

According to complaints on multiple online forums, from Vodafone itself to Whirlpool, the flagship handset struggles to get a lock on your GPS location, and in many cases gets a lock multiple kilometres away from where you actually are.

The problem seems to lie in a faulty GPS configuration file distributed by Vodafone globally – the problem also appears to occur for overseas customers as well.

Vodafone has acknowledged the issue in the UK, claiming that it is working with Samsung on a fix, although when that will actually arrive is anybody’s guess. Especially in Australia, where it’s likely the update will need to be customised for the Aussie network.

Have you had problems with GPS using a Vodafone Galaxy S II? Tell us about it below.

[Thanks Joe!]