The Simpsons Already Making Fun Of Steve Jobs

You probably missed this among the CES news: the Simpsons made fun of Steve Jobs on this week’s episode, titled Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson. As Homer is being interviewed on TV, “Steve Jobs unveils iGhost” crawls across the news ticker.

In the episode, Homer becomes a Glenn Beck type after Bart uploads a video of him having an Alec Baldwin-ish aeroplane meltdown moment. At one point, he gets interviewed in a Fox News program. At that point, the news ticker runs several funny fake headlines, like “Europe puts Greece on eBay”, “Congress postpones end of the world to 2013”, “Satan tweets support for Santorum” and the aforementioned “Steve Jobs unveils iGhost”.

The episode is actually quite funny (surprise!) but is it too early to make fun of Jobs? Tell us what you think in the comments. [BuzzFeed via Mediaite via Death and Taxes]