Old-School Hacker Movie Set In Melbourne Needs Your Help

It’s not every day someone asks you for your old Commodore 64 to help recreate 1980s Melbourne for a period piece on hackers. Yet, that’s exactly what the makers of Underground, a direct-to-TV movie currently in the works for Channel Ten, are doing. So, have you got any aging hardware you’re willing to part with?

Specifically they’re after “Commodore 64 machines, Amstrads and IBM PCs”. So no Colecovisions… unless they get really desperate. If you’re looking for the profit angle, the flick’s art director, Janie Parker, told ZDNet that they’re willing to buy or hire your ancient wares, though no figures were provided.

If you’d like payment in screen time, they can accommodate that too. According to the article, a “computer market” scene featuring stalls of old gear is planned, so you can plonk down your Amstrad and play swap meet vendor for a day as an extra.

Parker’s pretty serious about getting the equipment she needs, so much so she penned a message to John Ferlito, president of Linux Australia, asking for help. Because if you use Linux, chances are there’s a long-forgotten Amiga 500 in your fridge. Heck, didn’t everyone have an Amiga 500 at some stage?

If you happen to have a piece of kit suitable for the movie, and enjoy money or being on camera, you can get in touch with Janie here. As to when you’ll see your treasures on the small screen, we’re not quite sure.


Image: Luca Boldrini.