The London Olympics Will Be 3D For About 10 Seconds

The BBC — official broadcaster of the 2012 London Olympics, and therefore provider to pretty much everyone else — has announced which sports it’ll broadcast in three glorious dimensions. Although for the actual sports, you’ll need to be quick to catch the action.

The opening and closing ceremonies will be in 3D, as will a highlights package each day, but the only confirmed event that’ll be broadcast live in 3D will be the final of the men’s 100m, which means that if the runners are on typical pace, the BBC will only be broadcasting about 10 seconds of actual 3D footage.

The 100m is an interesting choice; while it’s clearly one of the star attractions of the whole Olympic package, all that panning as the runners sprint down the track could lead to some interesting motion problems for anyone watching in 3D.

No word as yet if Channel 7 or Foxtel will pick up the 3D broadcasts or not — but given that interest from local broadcasters in 3D transmissions is all but dead, I wouldn’t put money on it. [The Next Web]