36 Brilliant Minutes Of John Cleese On Creativity

I’m having trouble dating this video (though the consensus is 1991), but I can tell you it’s from Video Arts, a UK e-learning company founded in 1972 by John Cleese and other “television professionals”. In this particular clip, Cleese delivers a lecture on creativity, infused with his own brand of humour.

“So, the prospect of settling down for quite serious study of creative for the purpose of tonight’s gossip, was delightful,” states Cleese in the introduction, “and having spent several weeks on it, I can state categorically that what I have to tell you tonight about how you can all become more creative is a complete waste of time.”

From there, you’d think the talk would descend into non-stop comedy. Not so — Cleese provides some genuinely helpful advice on getting your mind into its creative “open mode”, interspersed with a great deal of “how to screw in a lightbulb” jokes.

[YouTube, thanks Aaron]