Melbourne Man Arrested After Allegedly Importing Drugs Via Silk Road

How stupid are some people. I honestly can’t fathom it sometimes. A Melbourne man was arrested this week after trying to import drugs into the country that he allegedly purchased on Silk Road, the online, US-based narcotics marketplace. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have warned Aussies that if they use it, they’ll be caught.

For those not acquainted with online narcotics marketplace, , all you need to know is that it’s essentially Amazon for drugs. An online black market that anonymises your traffic via use of the TOR network.

50 bitcoins — anonymous digital currency — could nab you a few tabs of acid from Silk Road, and they’d be posted from the seller right to your doorstep, no problems, and while that’s the theory behind these anonymous narcotics sites, it’s not exactly the case outside the US.

Following the arrest and charging of the Melbourne guy who used Silk Road (first spotted by CSO), the Australian Federal Police and the Customs and Border Protection Service have warned everyone this week that while traffic on Silk Road may be anonymous, they’ll still be able to see activity once it comes out of the network and drops into the post.

Peter Sykora is the manager of the AFP’s Crime Operations division, and he’s assured stoners who looking to try Silk Road for themselves will be picked up and charged.

“Criminals are attempting to exploit the international mail system through online networks, but the recent arrest demonstrates that we are one step ahead of them.

“The AFP will continue to identify, investigate and prosecute individuals or groups importing narcotics into Australia, including via illicit e-commerce platforms such as Silk Road,” he said.

Customs and Border Protection’s acting national manager of Cargo And Maritime Targeting branch, Alana Sullivan, said that you’re not as invisible as you think while using Silk Road.

“Customs and Border Protection along with our partner agencies are committed to targeting and combating this type of illegal activity.

“Persons who buy or sell through online marketplaces, on so-called ‘anonymous’ networks should understand that they are not guaranteed anonymity,” she added.

Don’t do drugs, you guys. Go get high on life and all that.

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