Axe Saw Turns Forests Into Firewood

Axe Saw Turns Forests Into Firewood

A few years ago Zippo decided to expand its product offerings so the company’s wares appealed to more than just smokers, arsonists and action movie heros. Recently they’ve made a strong push into outdoor gear, and this brilliant four-in-one axe proves that Zippo’s not just slapping its logo onto any old product.

The Woodsman, as it’s aptly called, packs a hammer, a tent stake puller, a 12.7cm axe, and a 38.1cm wood saw into a single tool so it’s easy to carry when camping. The saw can hack its way through branches and trees up to 10.16cm in diameter and the blade cleverly stows away inside the handle when the Woodsman is used for other purposes. Just don’t count on it for your outdoor adventures this summer since the multi-tool isn’t hitting stores until spring 2013 when it will come with all the functionality mentioned above, plus an $US80 price tag.

[Zippo via Gizmag]

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