Huge Skull Made From VHS Tapes And CDs Is A Fitting Afterlife For Dead Media

I have a gigantic case full of CDs that I have no idea what to do with. Do I toss them out? Do I save them for my kids? I’m sure other people have the same questions with their dead physical media — CDs, video tapes, DVDs, soon to be Blu-rays — what’s going to happen to all of that? Why not turn it into a giant skull?

The art installation was commissioned by TCC Visual Arts Center in Portsmouth, Virginia, and is made from 497 VHS tapes. Artist Noah Scalin talks about the installation, aptly named Dead Media:

Dead Media is created from 497 VHS videocassettes that were given to me by several friends and also culled from my personal collection. The piece, which is approximately 20 feet long by 9 feet wide, was built in the style of the skull in Holbein’s The Ambassadors and meant to be viewed from only one point and is actually quite distorted in real life.

It’s nice to know that Scalin wasn’t hoarding 500 tapes for this piece. Though I’m now inspired to turn my case full of CDs into a shards of hell installation. [SkullaDay via BoingBoing]