This Is What Windows 8 Looks Like Running On A Coffee Table

Before the Surface was ever a tablet that we lusted after, it was the name of a device that looked like a table, worked like a table but had embedded on the top of it an enormous touchscreen. The Surface Table was rebranded as Microsoft PixelSense, and the rest is history. The original Surface Table used to run a bespoke version of Windows 7, but a Giz AU reader has gone and updated his to run Windows 8, and it looks pretty awesome.

This is Mick’s table, and he’s just updated it to Windows 8. I swear, the bigger the Metro (or whatever it’s called these days) interface gets, the better it looks. Here’s to more coffee table screens.

Personally, I think this would be amazing with Xbox SmartGlass. Rather than break the viewing experience with a tablet you have on your lap, just pair your coffee table with your Xbox 360 and get updates on the show you’re watching that you can just look down to as you reach to grab your drink or a few more bits of that delicious popcorn. Now THAT’S a second-screen viewing experience.

There’s a bunch of stuff that Mick demonstrates with the Windows 8-ified table, including a few Halfbrick games and the gorgeous looking Photos app for Metro.

Thanks Mick!

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