The Most Awesomest Televisions At CES 2013

The Most Awesomest Televisions At CES 2013

2013 is shaping up to be a huge year for huge televisions. Almost every major manufacturer is rolling out gigantic sets and packing them with four times the resolution of current TVs. One curved display is even redefining what constitutes a “flat screen” TV, period. Here’s what to watch in 2013.

The Only Thing Bigger than Westinghouse’s 110-Inch 4K Television Is its Price Tag

It’s 110 inches of 4K glory. It’s also $US300,000. This is the only television at the show that requires a second mortgage.

Samsung’s Giant Amazing Ultra-HD TVs Are Imprisoned In Horrible Metal Bars

Samsung builds a gorgeous UHD display. Then, for reasons we may never fully understand, decides to mount it permanently into an easel like it’s a dry erase board. Still, the monitor is stunning.

Sony 56-Inch 4K OLED TV Hands-On: So Bright, So Beautiful, So Far From Existing

A brand new technology like OLED is good. A not-yet-on-the-market technology like 4K is even better. Putting the two together must be even better, right?

You Haven’t Heard of Hisense But They Have UHD TVs Now Too

Hisense announced six UHD TVs, and prices and availability are to be determined. But we heard the ballpark cost could be around the $US5,000-$6,000 range — pretty damn good as far as UHD TVS go.

LG Curved 3D OLED Hands-On: An Imax For Your House

Why would you build a curved 3D OLED display? Wait a second. Why wouldn’t you build a curved 3D OLED display?