Pizza Hut Perfume: The Perfect Smell For Valentine’s Day?

Most people love the smell of hot dough and greasy cheese that signifies a fresh pizza coming out of the oven. But would you actually want to wear it as a fragrance? Pizza Hut seems to think so.

The Limited Edition Eau De Pizza Hut Scent is a fragrance for men and women that has the distinct whiff of Pizza Hut restaurants. According to the fast food chain, the fragrance has a “desirable” scent featuring notes of freshly baked dough and seasoning.

“What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our fans than providing them with a way to enjoy the fresh smell of Pizza Hut pizza whenever they want,” Pizza Hut’s head of marketing Fatima Syed said in a statement. We would suggest a rose, but that’s just us.

If spraying your body in the essence of pizza sounds like a good idea, head over to Pizza Hut’s Facebook page and see some of the love letters people entered containing the word ‘smell’. There are 50 bottles of the stuff up for grabs.