The Best Back To School Laptop Bags And Charger Accessories

So you’ve got some amazing gear for this year on campus: a hot ultrabook, perhaps a nifty convertible and a few amazing gadgets here and there. What are you going to carry it all around in, and how are you going to keep it juiced on those long nights at campus? These are the best bags and power accessories for back to school.

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Sometimes your juice can run dry if you go a long time between drinks from the charger, but it’s no matter with these awesome charger and battery accessories that keeps you going when you need it most.


The mophie Juice Pack Universal Powerstation PRO is a mouthful, but it’s definitely something you should have in your bag for emergencies.

It’s a 6000mAh external battery that’s great for keeping your laptop or smartphone alive for those precious extra few hours, and at $109.95, it’s affordable external power. [$109.95]



The Energizer XP18000 is the one thing you don’t want to be without when your battery situation gets dicey. It’s an 18000mAh battery with outputs for everything from your laptop, smartphone, tablet or even just your Nintendo 3DS.

Because it has such a massive storage capacity, the XP18000 is like having another battery for everything you’re carrying stashed into the one device. Energizer say that it will power your laptop for another eight hours after it’s meant to be dead, which is invaluable when you’re mobile. [$279]

Belkin AC/DC Laptop Travel Power Adaptor

University gives you the once in a lifetime opportunity of travelling abroad to complete your studies. Where you go is completely up to you and taking your laptop with you needn’t be a pain. The Belkin AC/DC travel charger is designed so you don’t have to worry about what sort of power you’re going to find overseas.

It supports a swathe of laptops so that you can take your pride and joy overseas without hassle. [$129.95]

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Bags come in all shapes and sizes with different styles, colours and materials to choose from. My current favourite is the Flatiron Messenger Bag from Manhattan Portage. It came second in Gizmodo’s Best Laptop Bag Bestmodo roundup late last year. I love its dedicated pocket for your computer and a removable sleeve for added protection.

But rather than list a whole range of bags right here — that may or may not be to your tastes — it’s probably best to simply run through our favourite brands here at Gizmodo AU. We get inundated with news about the latest Ultrabook bags, but these brands are some of the best:











What’s your favourite bag or charging accessory? Tell us in the comments!

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