Seven Pieces Of Space History That You Can Own

Seven Pieces Of Space History That You Can Own

Bonhams auction house is hosting a space history sale. They’ve done similar things in the past, but this one is more fun because it’s now and Buzz Aldrin is opposed to it. Controversy and memorabilia!

I am not offering any items for sale from my current collection of Apollo 11 articles in the Bonhams auction…The Apollo 11 items being auctioned on Monday are being resold from auctions that took place in 2007 or earlier at the instigation of my ex-wife and her daughter.

Okay, Buzz, duly noted. Let’s move ahead, shall we?

The Original Mercury Seven

Photograph of all seven mercury astronauts and signed by three of them, Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper and Wally Schirra.

$2,000 – $US3,000

Aldrin’s Spacewalk

James Lovell photographed the man himself, Buzz Aldrin during his Gemini 12 spacewalk. Signed and inscribed: “Buzz Aldrin, GT – 12.”

$500 – $US700

Astronauts At Lunch

Getting some earth food in while they can. Signed by James Lovell and Buzz Aldrin.

$400 – $US600

Large Gemini Spacecraft Master mould Model

1/8 scale solid acrylic model of the Gemini spacecraft made by Atkins and Merrill’s Engineering Model and Mock-Up Division in 1964 for $US50,000.

$7,000 – $US9,000

Wally Schirra’s Pilot Sunglasses

Standard-issue military sunglasses by General Optical. Comes with a typed letter on Wally Schirra’s personal Rancho Santa Fe, CA letterhead.

$2,500 – $US3,500

American Flag Carried on Gemini 10

Flown United States silk flag. Signed and inscribed on the lower 3 white stripes by Michael Collins, “Carried aboard Gemini X to a World Altitude Record, July 1966.”

$5,000 – $US7,000

Fred Haise’s Potato Soup Carried on Apollo 13

It’s signed soup mix that went to space and came back. What more do you people want?

$6,000 – $US8,000

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