The MinusIQ Pill That Makes Smart People Dumber Would Be Fun To Take

Do you ever feel like the rest of the world is so dumb? And it’s not that you’re especially smart, it’s just that people are just so dumb. Do they enjoy being dumb? Have they ever thought about being smart? Of course not! Because being dumb is fun.

Being dumb means you don’t have to be self-aware anymore. Being dumb means you’re never not confident. Being dumb means you get to do dumb things!

This hilariously satirical promo video of the MinusIQ pill imagines what the world would be like if they could offer a pill to solve smartness. The pill doesn’t work on its own though because you need to listen to Pitbull to re-train your new less-wrinkled brain.

Also, a side effect about being dumb is that you’ll end up hating anybody who’s different from you (race, sexuality, etc). But, of course, you’ll finally be able to join the majority of dumbness. Hooray for majorities! [Sleepthinker Films via The Awesomer]