Here’s How Fast Vodafone’s 4G Network Is

Talk is cheap. It’s easy for Vodafone to say that it’s going to have a fast 4G network, but how fast is it really? We’ve got first test results.

We tested this at Vodafone’s head office at 40 Mount St, North Sydney in a high-rise building. It was tested using the app for Android on an HTC One. Here are the results:

Test One

Test Two

Test Three

So what does it all mean?

On average, we got Vodafone’s 4G network to 66.637Mbps down, 22.099 up with an average ping of 30.6ms.

More interestingly, here’s a look at Vodafone’s internal coverage mapping tool. What you’re looking at here is where 4G is going to be on Vodafone in Sydney:

Sure, it’s a pretty sketchy shot, but it looks like Vodafone is trying to hit a the major centres in its first phase around the city.