Kogan Mobile To Sue Its Wholesaler, ISPOne, Over ‘Unlimited’ Dramas

Kogan Mobile has had more than a few dramas with the word “unlimited” recently. After offering so-called “unlimited” plans to customers at launch, some have been left with a sour taste in their mouths after allegedly violating the company’s Fair Play policy and being shoved off the network. Kogan Mobile blames its wholesale provider, ISPOne, for the dramas, and now it wants punitive relief: Kogan is taking ISPOne to the Supreme Court.

We can reveal this afternoon that Kogan Mobile has instituted legal proceedings against ISPOne in the Victorian Supreme Court, with hearings set to kick off tomorrow morning.

Negotiations between Kogan Mobile and ISPOne have reportedly broken down after ISPOne allegedly implemented a block on the usage of Kogan customers without the telco’s permission.

Kogan wouldn’t comment on the legal action to us this afternoon.

ISPOne resells Telstra’s wholesale Next G network to the likes of Kogan Mobile.

We’re seeking comment from the wholesaler about the legal action.