Telstra To Offer Contract-Free Plans From Next Week

First Optus had them, now we have learned that Telstra will be offering contract-free plans from next week. How much will it cost you to go contractless on Telstra, you ask? Let us show you.

The new “No Lock-In” plans start from $40 per month and go right up to $130 per month, and reinstate some of the old bonus offers from the good, old days of telecommunications. Some plans, depending on the spend level, will get access to “Unlimited Weekends” and “Unlimited Nights”.

The unadvertised $40 plan — we’ll why it’s unadvertised in a moment — offers customers $300 of eligible calls and texts and 250MB worth of data. No bells and whistles to speak of there.

The $60 plan will include $600 worth of eligible calls and texts, 1GB of data and unlimited text messages. No unlimited nights or weekends to speak of here, either. Those kick in on the higher tiered plans.

The $80 plan offers $800 worth of eligible calls and texts, 1.5GB of data and unlimited text messages, as well as an Unlimited Nights offer which presumably gives you free calls between certain times in the evening.

The $100 plan gives you $900 worth of eligible calls and texts, 2GB of data and unlimited text messages, as well as the Unlimited Nights offer and Unlimited Weekends.

Finally, the highest tier of $130 per month gives you an unlimited amount of eligible calls and texts, 3GB of data and unlimited text messages, as well as the Unlimited Nights and Unlimited Weekends offers.

Telstra is marketing these plans aggressively, offering a data bonus offer to customers who sign up before 1 July, which will bestow 1GB of extra data onto their account on all plans, excluding the unadvertised $40 plan. No mention in the documents we were leaked how long that data bonus goes for.

The telco is keeping its $40 plan as an unadvertised, “below the line” plan, meaning that it won’t be proactively offering it to customers unless sales reps are about to lose a customer to a competing offer from Optus, Vodafone or another MVNO. Presumably, Telstra is looking to appear more competitive in the face of offers from Aldi Mobile and Kogan Mobile.

No word yet on whether these plans will include any mobile repayment option bonuses towards helping to pay for a handset on the plan, but seeing as how the telco is already offering what are essentially old-school cap plans with no contracts, I highly doubt it.

Here’s the full pricing schedule:

We can also reveal that Telstra will be applying new charges to customers who opt to recontract their service before their early termination date from tomorrow.

Not only will a customer now pay the early termination charge for breaking a contract and the remaining mobile repayment option amount, but they will also be charged an extra $50 admin fee of sorts if they break their contract outside of the last 31 days, according to a leaked memo. This extra $50 fee will reportedly apply to customers on BYO handset plans and standard mobile plans.

Telstra joins Optus in offering no-contract plans. Much like Optus, Telstra’s plans are quite expensive when compared with the prepaid offers available from other MVNOs.

Are you keen on the new, no-contract plans from Telstra?