Encel Stereo Competition Winners: Pro-Ject JukeBox, Cabasse Stream 3 And Polk Bookshelf Speakers

So who won round 2 of our awesome audiophile comp where Giz teamed up with Aussie retailer, Encel Stereo, to dish out more than $5,000 in fantastic home audio gear? Click here to find out…

Thank you to everyone who entered.

A huge congratulations to:

Major Prize: @Btreble

The Pro-Ject Juke Box Turntable will be the perfect moving out gift. Being isolated to my Shure in-ears for my life has left me high and dry for a surrounding audio experience.

-The simplicity of the Pro-Ject Juke Box having a built in 2x20watt amplifier and ready to go Orofon OM-5E cartridge will save space in my new tiny apartment.

-The 90% energy efficiency will let me save on energy bills and allow me to buy more vinyls

-The Cabasse Stream 3 Wireless Hi-Fi System is the perfect accomplice because when I finish my limited vinyl collection it’s high resolution built in DAC will be able to convert my extensive digital collection at a 24bit/96kHz rate so my house warming party will never go quiet!

-The Cabasse subwoofer’s deep bass through acoustic resonance will mean my Limited Edition Amon Tobin box set can be opened and used finally!
Please allow me to deflower my vinyl collection and let loose the audio in my new home.

@Btreble Wins the Pro-Ject JukeBox and Cabasee Stream 3 speakers:

Pro-Ject JukeBox

Valued at $799 for all your music needs…

The Pro-Ject Juke Box Turntable and Amplifier system represents outstanding sound quality and exceptional value. With a built in 2x20w amplifier, and read-to-go with an Ortofon OM-5E cartridge all you need to do is add a pair of speakers and you will be riding the vinyl wave in no time. Learn more…

Cabasse Stream 3

Valued at $1499, an awesome wireless Hi-Fi system to declutter your space…

The Cabasse Stream 3 Wireless Hi-Fi System is the next step forward in achieving extremely high fidelity sound in a simplistic and easy to use package. The philosophy behind the Stream 3 is simple; great sound, high functionality and extremely easy set up and use. Learn more…

Runner Up: @Typedmillepede

I’m so keen for the Polk RTIA1 Bookshelf Speakers. I currently have some generic sony speakers to pump the tunes from my record player and ipod, and the sound quality is average in part due to the cones being dented. I would love Dynamic Balance drivers, not only for the sound quality, but to assist in my audio pilates training; gotta get my balance dynamic!

I also need the anti diffraction grilles. When I get in to my state of zen, I don’t want my audio going astray, but to a targeted location in the centre of my being. The six layer DAHLI enclosure will help myself get layers deeper into my thoughts. Finally the Cascade Tapered Crossover will see me cascading in to ecstasy with truly nuanced sound. Please help my lifestyle be complete!

Well @Typedmillepede…the Polk Bookshelf speakers are yours!

Polk RTIA1 Bookshelf Speakers

Valued at $499 to help you hear all that audio goodness in crisp perfection. Learn more…

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